Jack Hewatt at home in Vallejo

Jack Hewatt in Vallejo, CA

Mr Handrail serves the greater California Bay Area. Completed Iron Handrail work can be found in: San Francisco, San Mateo, Berkeley, Oakland, Orinda, Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Danville, Alamo, Napa, San Rafael, Novato and Sausalito.

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I was introduced to ironwork as a young boy, learning to heat, bend and weld in my Dad's shop in Texas first and then Walnut Creek in the sixties. As a young man I moved to the North Bay doing Structural and Misc. Iron. In 2005 after sailing to Mexico (my other passion) I decided to fill a need the economics of which a large shop made difficult, namely handrails. To that end I started Mr. Handrail. Now 11 years later I am retiring and turning the reins over to my associate Richard.

Richard is accomplished beyond his young years (in comparison to me) and brings some added skills I never acquired. He also has spent most of his life in the metal trades and shares my passion. He has a good eye for design, is conscientious and I know will do his best to please you. I commend him to you.


Jack Hewatt