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Richmond, CA 94804
40 Years Experience Continually Serving the Bay Area


(IN-1) - Modern interior horizontal rails
(IN-2) - Alternate view of modern interior horizontal rails
(IN-3) - Clear coat finish on interior steel railing
(IN-4) - Modern Handrail transition to guard rail at top
(IN-5) - Closeup view of interior stair rail with transition to handrail
(IN-6) - Interior Stair - Simple, Open and Unassuming
(IN-7) - Finally Done!
(IN-8) - Interior French Country Stair Rail
(IN-9) - Interior Stair Rail Bottom Transition
(IN-11) - Interior handrail terminating with traditional lateral vollute
(IN-12) - Interior forged post with Lateral
(IN-13) - Another view of previous
(IN-14) - under construction
Ever Popular "Med Style"

Exterior Handrails

(EX-1) - Japanese garden handrail
(EX-2) - Round Grab Rail - Add to wood deck where a grasping surface is needed
(EX-3) - Spiral Hand Rail - Could not do this in wood
(EX-4) - Round Handrail - Round profile gentle to the hand
(EX-5) - Handrail Transition - Sample of a transition with flatbar
(EX-6) - Flatbar handrail with simple top rail termination and no bolts showing on the baseplates.
(EX-7) - Arts and crafts handrail
(EX-8) - Different elevation of arts and crafts handrail
(EX-9) - Flatbar with interesting transition
(EX-10) - Opposite side of flatbar transition
(EX-11) - Handrail with double top bar
(EX-12) - Inch and a half round garden handrail showcasing long sweeping returns
(EX-13) - Inch and half round garden handrail with long sweeping returns
(EX-14) - Flatbar handrail with art deco styling
(EX-15) - Round handrail with bullet ends and shortened capped support posts
(EX-16) - Modern design round handrail
(EX-17) - Easy to grasp handrail allowing your hand to slide easily up or down
(EX-18) - Radius flatbar handrail under construction (note chalk marks on top).
(EX-19) - Sample of handrail mounted at side of stair and then top cap bracketed over to compensate for narrow stair
(EX-20) - View of previous handrail showing cantilever construction
(EX-21) - One and three quarter inch wide molded cap handrail with easy grasp post cap
(EX-22) - How we paint a handrail
(EX-23) - Handrails make beautiful accent to front entry of mediterranean style office
(EX-24) - Hand Rail - More modern look blends with landscape
(EX-25) - Handrail - Another view of same rail
(EX-26) - Flatbar Grabrail - This material lends itself to forming gracefully
(EX-27) - Spiral Grab Rail - Moulded cap rail radiused to match stair
(EX-28) - Caroline grasping Railing - Something elegant and strong to hold onto
(EX-29) - Caroline again - She just keeps showing up
(EX-30) - 1"1/2-3/8ths Flatbar - The handrail compliments the landscape
(EX-31) - The Meistro with one of his creations - Seems to add to the landscape
(EX-32) - Flatbar Handrail - Simple and Functional
(EX-33) - Molded Cap on Victorian Stair - Installed on Doctors Office in San Francisco
(EX-34) - Closeup of Previous Handrail
(EX-35) - PJ at work in the East Bay
(EX-36) - She can get up and down easily now...
(EX-37) - Moulded Cap Handrail with Happy Client
(EX-38) - 1"1/2 Grabrail Round
(EX-39) - Meandering Flatbar Railing - Sample of Flatbar worked into a serpentine shape
(EX-40) - Organic Handrail Motif
(EX-41) - Overall view of Organic Handrail
(EX-42) - Molded cap handrail with bronze color
(EX-43) - 2" Molded Caprail - Elegant and Strong
(EX-44) - Flatbar handrail in bronze color
(EX-45) - Flatbar Corner Wrap - Wrap around flatbar handrail showing corner wrap
(EX-46) - 1" 1/2 Round Handrail (perhaps the most user friendly)
(EX-47) - Can't believe I went 20 years without this!
(EX-48) - Applying Patina to Painted Handrail
(EX-49) - Double line top on Arts and Crafts porch
(EX-50) - Handrail on an Arts and Crafts entry
(EX-51) - Radius handrails to a Gazebo above
(EX-52) - Same stair looking down
(EX-53) - Good view of cantilever brackets
(EX-54) - This young lady graces our handrail, love her smile
(EX-55) - Sample of forged newel post with bronze patina
(EX-56) - Forged post with heavy molded cap
(EX-57) - Long sweeping lambs tongue
(EX-58) - Close up of molded cap on a stair wall
(EX-59) - Formed around planter painted an anodized bronze
(EX-63) - Bronze handrail bracketed to post for strength
(EX-64) - Finishing construction on arts and crafts handrail
(EX-65) - Art deco styled post with green-gold patina. Works well with surrounding landscape.
(EX-66) - Art deco styled post with green-gold patina. Works well with surrounding landscape.
(EX-67) - Art deco styled post with green-gold patina. Works well with surrounding landscape.
Larger of the Molded Caps in Anodized Bronze color
Wall Mounted larger molded cap
Continuous bead around switch back
San Francisco Marina District Entry Railing
Double Post Top and Bottom with Easy Glide Interior Post
Close Up of 77
Simple Wall Mounted 1.5" Round
Very Traditional High End Handrail
Molded Cap with Heavy Patina
Close up of 82
Arts & Crafts
Arts & Crafts
Again Arts & Crafts almost whimsical
Contemporary design in 1.5" Round
Note transition from post to Top

Exterior Guard and Stair Railings

(SG-1) - Pool Railing - Railing with a moulded cap on top of a channel
(SG-2) - Guard Rail - Mediterranean / Italian design with forged pickets
(SG-3) - Guard Railing - European-inspired hand forged pickets
(SG-4) - Tuscan Railing - Notice the feet -- NO BOLTS! -- we use hidden mounting where desired
(SG-5) - Tuscan Railing - High end elegant railing with European components
(SG-6) - Beautiful Lady & Gaurd Rail - Italian lady and railing
(SG-7) - Beautiful Lady and Gaurd Railing - It is her looking good again I am a lucky guy
(SG-8) - Stair Rail - Sample of a long swooping lambs tongue
(SG-9) - Stair Rail - Mounted on Tile
(SG-10) - Mediterranean / Italian Guardrail - Complex and Provocative
(SG-11) - Same Rail as previous - Balcony Application
(SG-12) - Stair Rail - Complex and Provocative
(SG-13) - Art Deco Guardrail - Installed on San Francisco Balcony
(SG-14) - Guardrail in the "Gothic" style
(SG-15) - "Gothic" style Stair Rail
(SG-16) - Modern design at doctors office satisfies the ADA requirements
(SG-17) - Close up showing  some "abstract" design
(SG-18) - The finish is an aluminum paint
Intriguing Artist Design with Copper Highlights
Another View of Previous
Elegant Entry Guardrail
Heavy Molded Cap - Anodized Bronze
Contemporary Guard Rail With Post Design
Contemporary Guard Rail With Post Design
Guard Rail (while not to code) allows Easy View of Garden Beyond
Heavy Components
Cable Railing with Galvanized Posts
Medium Style with long Lambs Tongue

Close Ups

(CU-1) - Closeup showing detail in a molded cap lambs tongue
(CU-2) - Side mount cantilever construction
(CU-3) - Long swooping lambs tongue in flatbar with tree bark design
(CU-4) - Wall bracket with patina
(CU-5) - Bronze patina on 1 and 3/4 molded cap
(CU-6) - This handrail leads to the front door to an arts and crafts style home
(CU-7) - Handrail design at front entry of arts and crafts style home
(CU-8) - Round Handrail - Possibly the best graspable surface
(CU-9) - Lambs Tounge - Traditional termination of Moulded Cap Rail
(CU-10) - Right angle turn at lambs tongue
(CU-11) - 90 Degree Transition - Example of transition at 90 degree stair and landing
(CU-12) - Lambs tongue in bronze color
(CU-13) - Decorative foot set in epoxy
(CU-14) - Round Handrail with Art Deco Post Top
(CU-15) - Slides easy past a necked down post
(CU-16) - Newel post with forged round BALL top
(CU-17) - Bronze patina on a handrail bracket
(CU-18) - Scroll end on wall-mounted handrail
180 degree Radius Bend in Molded Cap
Newell Post with Ball

Mr Handrail serves the greater California Bay Area. Completed Iron Handrail work can be found in: San Francisco, San Mateo, Berkeley, Oakland, Orinda, Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Danville, Alamo, Napa, San Rafael, Novato and Sausalito.