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Safer For All Of Us

Dear Jack,

The indoor and outdoor handrails are fantastic and so beautiful. They have made the staircases safer for all of us. My special son, Willie, loves them.

Willie picked up on the handrails as soon as he walked up to the front porch. It was so funny to have him come into the house and tell us all about them. "Look Mom, we have new 'handles'!" And then he had to go outside and show me how to use them.

When I told him about the handrails going down into the laundry area, he had to use them right then to go get milk from the downstairs refrigerator.

Above and beyond Willie's happiness with the handrails, I want you to know the handrails have increased by ability to get around more safely and to get things done.

Thank you. You have made such a terrific difference in our lives.


Patie Padway, Wes, and Willie